Do you begin and end your day with the world framed by a window or windscreen? Maybe it’s your own or perhaps it is the fingerprint smeared one of the bus or train. Do you run? Or cycle? Do you stare ahead, focussed on the point of horizon, enjoying the sensation of the landmarks flying past you? Or do you walk? Head dead ahead. Music sounding. Telephone chattering. Daydreaming.

Have you walked or driven the same route for as long as you can remember? Have you one day, for whatever reason, looked up and seen something that surprised you? A building above a shop perhaps? A blue plaque? A piece of graffiti impossibly high up? A flag. This blog is about what you can see when you tilt your chin and see a different view of your everyday world.

Look up.

You might enjoy it.

You might see something good.


Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Time at the bar

On the same walk today I noticed this derelict old pub on the corner. I've mentioned before about how sad it is that so many pubs are closing and unfortunately the problem is still escalating. It's such a sad sight seeing these buildings that were once cornerstones of a community boarded up and falling apart. Drink prices being driven higher and costly overheads are all part of the pub cultures downfall, and chains like Wetherspoon's and Yate's really don't help. I try to avoid these huge franchises but it's still tempting, as a pint has reached the £3.50 mark even out of London, to simply just drink at home. 

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