Do you begin and end your day with the world framed by a window or windscreen? Maybe it’s your own or perhaps it is the fingerprint smeared one of the bus or train. Do you run? Or cycle? Do you stare ahead, focussed on the point of horizon, enjoying the sensation of the landmarks flying past you? Or do you walk? Head dead ahead. Music sounding. Telephone chattering. Daydreaming.

Have you walked or driven the same route for as long as you can remember? Have you one day, for whatever reason, looked up and seen something that surprised you? A building above a shop perhaps? A blue plaque? A piece of graffiti impossibly high up? A flag. This blog is about what you can see when you tilt your chin and see a different view of your everyday world.

Look up.

You might enjoy it.

You might see something good.


Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Non-Greek Frieze

I spotted this fantastic frieze above the Covent Garden Odeon quite a while ago now and have meant to go back and take a picture for ages. I finally did the other day and noticed after a closer look that it was not as Greek as I assumed it would be -it being an Odeon and all. From what I can see it seems like more of a flappery, carnival sort of affair. Dogs in ruffs and chorus girls- always a winning combination in my book!

A strange unity

Another find from my journey to and from work. I wonder who these 'Odd Fellows' are and what they do...

Tin men

Loving these little tin men working below a great clock above a branch of Holland and Barrett. I love the ladder that allows these guys to keep the clock well oiled and in good order.

'Just make your way down to The Crown & Anchor'

I noticed this this pub mainly because it reminded me of the Small Faces song Rene which sings about a pub bearing the same name. Whilst smiling at the notion of Rene entertaining her 'dockers' in such a place I saw the pretty smart looking sign above it. I love when buildings have the date they were built on them, it always makes me appreciate how long they have stood there and makes me think of how much has changed between its last brick being laid and the world today.

Monday, 30 January 2012

All the streets just look the same...

People often joke- myself included- that every big city in the world pretty much looks the same. Every street has a Starbucks, a Mc Donalds, a massive sign advertising Coke or Pepsi. As much as I joke about it, I still find it quite depressing when I am abroad and am confronted by these same shop fronts.

Above is a shot of a street in Amsterdam which pretty much sums up just what I've been talking about. Along the same road was a Starbucks, an H and M, a Gap. Quite sad really. One of the strangest things that I have seen whilst travelling was a massive Tesco on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. Its bellowing blue, white and red sign just made me feel pretty miserable that the shop I refuse to buy from back home seems to be following me wherever I go.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Lairy Fairy

Another Neal's Yard find: this fantastic display of colour above a hairdressers. Not sure if I find this hippy craziness endearing or somewhat disturbing. 

Comedy Gold

A fantastic find amidst the colourful Neal's Yard in London.


I pass this sign on foot on my way to work on a regular basis and am surprised that its graffiti add-on has not yet been removed (it's been there for quite a while now) There is something quite laughable that the fact that the staff of Holloway Prison haven't cleaned this mildly offensive image off their main sign yet. Perhaps it is a Banksy (aren't most things these days?!) or maybe they just find it amusing and cant be bothered to get it scrubbed off. Maybe the authorities do have a sense of humour after all...

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Nearly that time of the year again...

Just when you think it's finally over- there's some nutter counting down til the next Christmas. What worries me more is that the clock has ticked down a few days since I took this picture.

Religious Lightenment

The first time I left the main station in Amsterdam it was dark and lit up next to the terminal was this sign watching over the city. A bit of a brash claim I think, speaking on behalf of someone else...


Another Amsterdam graffiti find- this time in the form of a sticker. Not sure I agree with this sentiment- on the contrary I think the More you know the better...but I can understand how some people think the ignorance can be bliss-at least in the short term.

More Shutter Action

I included a picture a couple of months back of some shutters near St Paul's, commenting on how Dutch they looked. Now here is the real deal in all its glory. I saw loads on my visit but this one, being the largest building I saw them on, seemed like the most striking.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012


Amsterdam isn't all about pink lit windows and scantily clad prostitutes. The stoic sign above stating 'no sex' is a reminder that the red light district is, generally, kept to its own specific area and that not every window is up for sale. The second sign made me laugh purely because of its lack of tact and humorous name. Whilst out in the evening in this part of the town (the red light district literally seconds round the corner) I noticed whole gangs of drunk blokes pissing on pretty much anything that didn't move. Quite gross really. It seems a sign for the local 'urinoir' is probably quite relevant round these parts.

Marker Pen Politics

I love a bit of political graffitti, and I always find it interesting seeing stuff abroad as I think it tells you a lot about what the locals view on current affairs is. This scrawl caught my eye as I walked past an old boarded up entrance. Amsterdam, being part of the Euro, doesn't seem to be keen on the flailing strength of their economy. The pounds not great either folks. Chin up- we're all in the shit together.

Whiskys Galore

Inside an amazingly well stocked whisky shop in Amsterdam, these low beams are lined with this interesting selection of miniatures. A striking view.

Amsterdam Metro

Happy New Year!! and all that... Hope it's been a good one. Mine was particularly good which is unusual (new year is inevitably very disappointing) as I spent it with my boyfriend in Amsterdam. I only got back yesterday and so there is due to be a flurry of holiday snaps. These first two are from inside the first metro carriage I got on on the way to the hotel. Each metro is decorated with a different design and, whilst a bit bizarre, are pretty cool.