Do you begin and end your day with the world framed by a window or windscreen? Maybe it’s your own or perhaps it is the fingerprint smeared one of the bus or train. Do you run? Or cycle? Do you stare ahead, focussed on the point of horizon, enjoying the sensation of the landmarks flying past you? Or do you walk? Head dead ahead. Music sounding. Telephone chattering. Daydreaming.

Have you walked or driven the same route for as long as you can remember? Have you one day, for whatever reason, looked up and seen something that surprised you? A building above a shop perhaps? A blue plaque? A piece of graffiti impossibly high up? A flag. This blog is about what you can see when you tilt your chin and see a different view of your everyday world.

Look up.

You might enjoy it.

You might see something good.


Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Rocking horse

I really hope you can make out this picture, the glare of the window was doing me no favours in this shot. I've walked past this house pretty much everyday since I've lived here, on my way to and from town. Yesterday was the first time I actually looked up and noticed that propped by the window was a beautiful old rocking horse. I always wanted a rocking horse as a child. My mum actually had a real horse at the time but you know how irrational children are! I wonder if this particular one belongs to a child or just a wistful grown up.

P.S, said I'd find a horse high up next ;) 

Moo(t) Point

First off- pardon the pun! I honestly couldn't help myself and that my only excuse for it.
Here is an awesome column of cows decorating a wall in Clerkenwell, London. Even though I've moved, I still only seem to find decent 'look ups' when I'm visiting somewhere else. It's probably not the location though, it's probably just my laziness of late! I loved these slightly incongruous cows that had been mounted to an otherwise seemingly boring looking building. I have no idea if the cows have anything to do with what goes on in this office, if anyone has even a slight inclining do let me know... 

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Shoplifters of the world unite

Somewhere, whilst lost, in the Clerkenwell area of London I spotted this piece of graffiti. I liked it mainly because it reminded me the song by The Smiths, but also because it was above an H and M advert and so seemed to suggest that everyone should shoplift this particular bikini...

Lobster Spot

High up in a flat above the high street shops an inflatable lobster is pressed against the window. 

Tuesday, 8 May 2012


I saw this building when I was in central London over the weekend (just visiting now!) and found its bricked up windows really intriguing. It's not uncommon to see the odd one bricked in but this building looks like it should have 5 windows and not 1. Very bizzare.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Charlie cat on a flat roof...

This cat is called Charlie, and belongs to a friend. Although we have not yet been formally introduced I can imagine that we'll get on pretty well. I met her yesterday whilst she was peering at me over the lip of her (or should I her owners') flat kitchen roof. She looks super cute and although the picture is yet another scruffy phone snap I quite like the silhouette of her tiny cat face against the grey sky. This is the second animal I have seen in the last few months perched on a roof. I shall keep a beady eye out for more. A horse preferably next time.